What is a surrogate mother in Canada?


Are you considering becoming a surrogate? What is a surrogate mother? The willingness by itself of 'helping others to become parents' is definitely a very honorable act, however, when considering bringing happiness to helpless intended parents, you must also take in consideration the advantages and disadvantages of the surrogacy journey before you jump into it.

How to become a surrogate mother: Advantages and disadvantages

There are benefits and difficulties that a surrogate mother will have to face during her surrogacy journey, some of them are:

  • Thoughtfully medical and psychological screening

If you are a surrogate, you will have to pass a long list of screenings (medical and psychological) to ensure that your body and mind are ready for a surrogacy pregnancy. The medical procedure can change from clinic to clinic, but the goal is to ensure that you as surrogate meets the qualification to carry a baby. Probably a criminal background will be requested too. All these medical screenings can be physically and emotionally demanding, you need to be prepared

  • Economical compensation

You need to be aware that your intended parents will have an economic responsibility in this process, they will need to pay all the medical and legal requirements of the process an on top your living expenses. Usually, economical compensation is one important motivation for a surrogate. It's important that all your requirements appear in the surrogacy contract before the signature but please be aware that in Canada only altruistic surrogacy is legal, so you only will be compensated by the expenses related to the pregnancy

  • Relinquishing the baby

No matter how prepared you think you are, always there would be some emotional attachment to the baby you carry. Probably one of the most difficult part for you it will be to give the baby you have carried for nine months to the intended parents. Are you ready for that? If you have any doubts, probably you need to discuss it with a psychologist before moving forward, he will help you to answer the questions: what is a surrogate mother?

  • Potential medical risks related to the fertility treatment and pregnancy

For prospective surrogate mothers, another major worry can be the possible complications during pregnancy and how those complications could have a negative impact on your or the baby heath.

It's important that you think seriously about the pros and cons of a surrogacy journey before you make your decision and start the intended parent's search. If you have doubts, please talk with surrogacy specialist and former surrogate mothers. Learn as much as you can to ensure you are making the right decision for you and your family.

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