How to become a surrogate mother


How to become a surrogate mother? What is a surrogate mother? How surrogacy works? Where do I start? How to find intended parents? Probably these are some of the question that will appear when you think about becoming a surrogate mother.

How to become a surrogate mother?

Follow this 5 steps guide

1 - Is surrogacy the right option for you?

Why do you want to become a surrogate mother? What are your motivations? You need to think thoughtfully if surrogacy is the right option for you.

You need to know that there are some common requirements to become a surrogate mother. Do you meet them? If you have any doubt you can talk with a fertility clinic.

2- Learn about surrogacy?

You need to learn about the surrogacy process, and the different types of surrogacy options (traditional and gestational surrogacy) and the implications of each options. For example, in traditional surrogacy, your eggs will be used to create the embryo, so you will be genetically linked with the baby.

3- Get in contact with a family lawyer

It's really important that you get in contact with a reputable attorney specializing in third party reproduction because surrogacy regulations sometimes are complex. Also, it´s important to know if you live in a surrogacy friendly country where surrogacy contracts are legal.

Before starting any medical treatment, a surrogacy contract should be in place an signed by your intended parents and you.

4- With or without a surrogacy agency

When thinking about how to become a surrogate mother, you need to decide if you want to pursue an independent surrogacy journey or you want to work with an agency. Both options have pros and cons, for example a surrogacy agency can help you to find intended parents and create your surrogacy plan, on the other hand, if you go independently you will have more freedom.

At that point you should know if you are ready to be a surrogate mother, if this is the case your next step is to look for intended parents. After the matching, you will need to pass some medical and psychological screenings, sign the surrogacy contract and start with the medical procedure.

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